Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Million Dollar Quartet

Million Dollar quartet is a must if you even slightly enjoy the sounds of music geniuses such as Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis.

The season ends 14th January 2012 so make sure you scoop up tickets before then or you truly will be missing out.

An amazing true story takes place on the stage at Noel Coward Theatre, with amazing classic songs throughout that even the younger generation know.

The audience of all ages were singing and dancing along with 'Walk the Line' pulling at everyone's memory strings. One elder lady particularly lit up at the reminiscence of her young adult hood. The ending was perfect for an entertaining show, I really emphasize that you must witness it.

Tickets are now available from as little as £10. Leni and Mimi really recommend buying Stall tickets from, which currently have 50% off. This will make for a great Christmas event evening with a loving parent or grandparent.

Alpro Soya Yoghurt

After the information that dairy triggers severe asthma symptoms the mission continues to find worthy dairy products. However, Alpro Soya comes out on top everytime. This wonderful dairy-free yogurt tastes best if you cover your daily cereal and a few berries in the product. A great alternative to milk with your cereal. Great taste - the Vanilla one has a great taste too. This substitute is a fantastic change to regular yogurt and a severe difference has been noticed in my overall health. How do you enjoy your Alpro Soya?

Nescafé Gold Blend

Drinking coffee in moderation could actually be good for you. According to research, it has several health benefits; it protects against several types of cancer (thanks to its antioxidants), reduces risk of diabetes and according to the American Heart Association "drinking at least one cup of coffee a day could ward off stroke". I am not a big fan of coffee myself but after reading about its benefits I tried the Nescafe Gold Blend and I must say I enjoyed it! Have it in the morning for an extra energy boost.

Buy it here for £3.28 at Asda.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Vapiano, London

If you are shopping in Oxford Street and looking for a place to lunch, do check out the unique Italian restaurant Vapiano. It is a "fast casual restaurant with a twist - customers use a "chip card" to personally order their food or drinks from the bar or from the individual fresh pizza, pasta or salad stations". We highly recommend that you try the delicious and fresh pasta made right in front of you (check out the pasta selection here). The very friendly staff and relaxed environment makes your dining experience even better! Vapiano is located all over the world; to find your nearest one click here.
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Quaker Oats

Start your day with this energy booster full of goodness; Quaker Oats. Oats is a great source of fiber (both soluble and insoluble) which promotes heart health and benefits the digestive system. Get it NOW at Asda or Sainsbury's!

Les Deux Salons, Charing Cross London.

This French Brasserie is the place for Afternoon tea. Located in the heart of London near Charing Cross Station is the location to visit after a trip to the National Portrait Gallery. Reminiscent of Titanic decor the tea is poured in such a sophisticated manner that you feel you have escaped into a different era.
Perfect for finger sandwiches, and petite cakes to satisfy your mid afternoon cravings. With a large selection of teas and beverages an afternoon is made into an elegant one.

Thoroughly enjoyable from the tea to the China and atmosphere. Highly recommended.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Innocent Smoothies, Age UK

Love smoothies, love Innocent smoothies. These fantastic Innocent smoothies jam packed with fruit would go to waste is a big Leni Love. With it's latest big Knit campaign the love is growing, with each purchase 25p goes towards the charity Age Uk helping keeping older people warm this winter.

Purchase your Innocent smoothie today and help Age UK.

With the woolly hat comes a great game play the Hat Tag game and win up to £500 in amazon vouchers, click here to discover how. Each 10p raised from entering will also go towards Age UK, help Innocent smoothies raise their 200k aim and decide where you will put your hat today.

Goody Good Stuff

Last Friday, while visiting the Christmas Market in Southbank, we came across an event which featured Gluten Free products by various traders. We absolutely fell in love with Goody Good Stuff; an all-new natural gummy candy range that is made with a plant derived bio-gum technology, which eliminates the need for animal-based gelatine. We met Goody Good Stuff's wonderful managing director Melissa Burton who was kind enough to give us some samples to try. Apart from the Goody Good Stuff's amazing taste, we were very impressed with their natural ingredients. The sweets include natural fruit juices, fat-gelatin-dairy free (perfect for vegetarians!) and above all no food additives or artificial colours are being used. This is a great treat that can be enjoyed by both children and adults! Buy them at Holland& Barrett or click here to use the store locator.

Christmas Market Kingston

After seeing the Christmas Market pictures along Southbank, London did you fancy visiting winter wonderland? But live outside of the City and prefer to drive? Then try Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey (Greater London) where the petite market will give you the taste of Christmas just as well. Leni and Mimi visited and was impressed by the buzzing atmosphere surrounding these festive stalls. With all the Christmas goodies, food and lights you will feel like you are in part of a movie. Beautiful location and amazing snacks. To beat the winter chill make sure you try the mulled wine at any of the stalls for a fruity winter warmer. It feels like the night before Christmas every night.
With it's wonderful array of restaurants, shops and The Bentall Center alongside you will be spoiled for choice with where to go after. Kingston is a great place to be this season.
Leni and Mimi highly suggest that you try the sweet Crepes and check out the personalized Christmas stockings.

Original Beans Chocolate.

Replant our Planet - Original Beans. Chocolate that influences our planet.

While at the Southbank Christmas festival a new Leni love was formed. Original Beans chocolate is amazing and tastes even better when you realize that it is helping our rainforest's.

Original beans in 2006 discovered this “forgotten” white cacao, or “Porcelana”. With Original Beans replanting programme it allows local farmers to make the transition from rice to cacao, which is tremendously more efficient for their income and for the world we live in.

Who said saving our planet didn't taste good?

Special K Red Berries

Start your day with the delicious Special K Red Berries, only 110 calories per serving and less than 3% of fat! Berries contain a lot of fiber, which helps you feel full and therefore eat less! Strawberries are high in Vitamin C and one cup of raspberries contains 8 g, one-third the daily recommended amount (25 g). According to scientists "eating a diet rich in blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, cranberries and strawberries may help to reduce your risk of several types of cancers" (

The health benefits of berries are many so make sure you include them in your daily diet!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ping Pong (Part 2), Southbank

Leni and Mimi were privileged to cover a cultural review this weekend by no other than Ping Pong. This sharing menu of dim sum was carefully tasted and reviewed, leaving us impatient to share our experience.
If you have never been to Ping Pong before and find their menu slightly intimidating it is recommended you try the sharing menu for 2 people, £36. It will give you all the delightful tastes of this restaurant, especially the Chocolate spring rolls for desert. It will be £36 well spent.
With this great complimentary meal came a great atmosphere and a fantastic array of drinks and food. Make sure you take more of the spicy hot vegetable dumplings, as it is hard to have just one.

Thank you Ping Pong for our great experience.

With Love,

Leni and Mimi
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Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2011 - National Portrait Gallery

Leni and Mimi were privileged to cover the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2011 at the National Portrait Gallery this weekend by Ping Pong. This is a leading international photographic portrait competition, which celebrates the very best in contemporary portrait photography. This year 2,506 photographers entered more than 6,000 pieces of work. The judges selected the best 60 portraits to appear in this exhibition.

This stunning exhibition showcases well executed portraits by contemporary photographers from around the world; both established and talented amateurs. There is a diverse range of portraits, including editorial, advertising and fine art images and we loved the high standard of all entries.

We highly recommend this exhibition to everyone, especially if you are interested in portraiture, make sure you don't miss it! It is on until the 12th of February 2012 and entry costs £2.

Fairtrade Mulled Wine, The Co-operative

After all the Christmas fairs the addiction with warming Mulled Wine has once again begun. With it's fine fruity aromas this Mulled wine purchased at The Co-operative makes for a splendid evening drink. With fresh fruits chopped and placed into a saucepan pour the wine over and heat gently on the hob for 5 minutes then into your favourite mug it goes and enjoy. This drink has all the qualities to make for a goodnight sleep as it relaxes you, just be sure to not fill up the mug as if it's Hot Chocolate as you might find yourself a bit to relaxed. Bit by bit.

Click here for The Co-operative's step by step recipe with their fine fair-trade wine.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Market, Southbank London

Looking for a location in London to take a winter stroll but find it too cold? IF that is the case then highly recommend you head to Southbank after a long working day and take a look at the Christmas market that has been put up. With all the Christmas goodies, food and lights you will feel like you are in part of a movie. Beautiful location and amazing snacks. To beat the winter chill make sure you try the mulled wine at any of the stalls for a fruity winter warmer. It feels like the night before Christmas every night.

With it's wonderful array of restaurants and The Royal Festival hall alongside you will be spoiled for choice with where to go after. Southbank a great place to be this season.

Leni and Mimi highly suggest that you try the savoury Crepes and check out the Christmas ornaments.

Jasmine Tea Ping Pong

These amazing hand tied buds provide me with the most interesting and satisfying tea I have tried. Place one of these buds in boiling hot water and watch the flower begin to expand and release all of it's goodness. Be sure to use a glass rather than a mug to witness the beautiful creation. Can be purchased at Ping Pong's shop online or in store. With these teas being caffeine free they make for the perfect evening drink, with herbal teas you can drink as much as you like to go towards your daily water consumption.

Can also be brought in store, click here to see what they look like when flowered.

Red Salmon & Cucumber Sandwich - Marks & Spencer

Salmon is a great source of protein and is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for both kids and adults. According to, evidence strongly suggests that increasing Omega-3 fatty acids in the diet helps prevent heart disease and, at increased consumption levels, may dramatically cut the mortality rate in heart attack survivors.

Try this delicious Red Salmon and Cucumber Sandwich that you can grab from Marks & Spencer and it's only 380 calories per pack! Once more, this is one of the many great Eat Well products!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Ping Pong (Southbank), London

Definitely agree with the 2011 best set menu award, the Vegetarian was so light and fulfilling. The drinks, atmosphere and food is all spot on in this location along Southbank.

The buzz in London has all been captured into one restaurant and that is definitely Ping Pong. For great deals and festive specials be sure to check out Ping Pong online.
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Caffe Nero, Gatwick Airport (North Terminal)

Even at the airport at 6am it is time for Leni and Mimi to eat.

If you are travelling home this Christmas and you are flying from Gatwick, North terminal do not underestimate Caffe Nero. Once again it provided us with a festive and cozy winter feeling before jetting off. Really recommend the festive coffee flavours with the free amaretto biscuit. Great wait to begin your trip away.

All day breakfast any day please.


If you love chocolate then you will love Celebrations; a collection of miniature versions of the following chocolates: Mars, Bounty, Cadbury, Twix, Milky Way, Snickers and Maltesers. Each chocolate contains roughly 30 calories. This is a perfect Christmas gift, get it now at Sainsburys or Asda for only £5!

Wicked - Apollo Victoria, London

When watching Wizard of Oz did you ever wonder why the Wicked which of the West was WICKED? Well here is the untold story of the Witches of OZ. The saying there are two sides to every story is very present in this story, and you even find yourself understanding the Wicked witch. Do not want to spoil the story plot but you should watch it to fulfill the knowledge of OZ.

Best seats are center Stalls and really worth booking in advance for tickets as little as £17.25 at

Already been? What did you think of the show?

Haribo Milkshakes

Theses milkshake bottle shapes and flavours are reminiscent of pick and mix sweets. The assorted milkshake gummy bears are by far a guilty pleasure.

It is probably best not to mention too much about nutritional values, but as long as you eat in moderation then you have nothing to worry about. If you do develop a Haribo milkshake addiction then seek advice at Haribo's.

Calories: Do not worry just enjoy (in moderation)

But remember no artificial colours.

You can get great deals at the moment on Amazon; so you can stock up for your sugar cravings.

You can never grow out of Haribo's.'s Top Secret Hotel Draw. has a secret and Leni&Mimi are here to let you in on it:

Leni&Mimi's travels would not be possible without this travel and leisure retailer - Now with their fantastic new TopSecret Top 10 Facebook prize draw you too could be participating in our's adventures.

Time and time again has offered Leni&Mimi with fantastic deals, which ultimately tend to fund us for our next adventure. So while checking out this fantastic site be sure to visit their Facebook page to enter the draw. The big question is which friends to chose?

Here is how this wonderful draw works:
1. Go to
2. ‘Like’ the page to enter the app
3. Invite 10 friends for the chance to win a night’s stay in a Top Secret Hotel
4. The app will select a winner every day: 4 Top Secret friends will win a hotel stay,and the 7 others in the group will each win £50 voucher.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sula Fruit Mix

Sula Fruit Mix Sweets offer the taste of sun-ripened fruits in three delicious flavours: lemon, orange and cherry – all rich in vitamin C and they are sugar free! Sula products not only have a great taste but they also use new natural ingredients that are free from artificial flavours, artificial colours, hydrogenated fats, aspartame, acesulfame and preservatives.

Get them now at Holland&Barrett or!

The Olive Garden, Raynes Park.

Looking for a quaint location rendezvous? Live in South London or Surrey? Then The Olive Garden in Raynes Park will meet all your needs. Italian food followed by a fruity glass of Rose will complete a night after work. With it's location being out of the busy center it makes for a relaxing evening of chit chat and wine.

An enjoyable night with great company, the Wine and Coffee were particularly satisfying. Thanks Olive Garden. In addition be sure to check out it's Delicatessen during the day for Fresh Italian produce.

The Olive Garden Restaurant also has another location in Southfields.
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Itsu, London
Great idea for lunch today ITSU!

With Itsu you can treat yourself to a fast/slow, in or out meal. With it's bubbling atmosphere though you may find it hard to take a take out. Their prices are known to be butterfly light and I definitely agree with that. You pay so little for the service that you are provided with, so Big thank you to Itsu. Great portions that help you fill up but keep the tummy small, there was no bloating with any of these portions.

Itsu Information
: Itsu is a Mayo free and it was created by the same owner as Pret a Manger.

For calories within itsu please see the Calorie Counter. It really is health with happiness.
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The Railway Children, London Waterloo

This is by far one of the most original and heart warming performances witnessed in the past year (and a lot have been witnessed). The theatre alone creates a new platform of escapism. The new auditorium created at Waterloo Station provides each of their viewers with a feel of what 1906 felt like. This wonderful performance based on the classic book by Edith Nesbitt pulls you into the story with a cast that make you feel every emotion. The location/staging is something to be witnessed as it feels like an event of it's own. It is amazing the efforts that London goes to for a great performance.

Very impressed with everything to do with The Railway Children and really recommend you book your tickets as soon as possible from for yet again some more amazing deals.

With the stage running through the centre of the seating any where you sit you will be provided with a decent view. Check here for the seating information.

Really want to go and see it again. If you do not have time to watch the play and you have not read the book highly suggest you buy it for your commutes. Purchase at amazon.


If you are visiting Harrods in Knightsbridge and fancy a little tea break, then why not head to the beautifully decorated Ladurée; a Parisian tea salon particularly famous for its delicious macaroons. The big selection of macaroons (along with the desserts) taste like heaven and if you are looking for birthday or Christmas presents this is a great gift idea! Get a box of 8 macaroons of your choice in a gorgeous Ladurée packaging for £11.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Robinson's Fruit Squash

Not a huge fan of pure water? And find yourself not hydrating yourself near enough as much as you should then opt for some flavour in your water. With Robinson's you can chose from extensive amounts of flavours to change the way you see water forever. With no added sugar and 18 calories per serving it makes for a perfect companion for any age. This double concentrate squash tastes better than the ordinary Robinson's and lasts twice as long. To read more about what is in Robinson's or to purchase from Tesco click here.

Boots Meal Deal

The Boots meal deal is probably one of the most popular choices for food-to-go shoppers. The customer gets to choose a main, snack and drink for just £3!

We recommend Boots Shapers which is a range of great-tasting foods which are perfect for any weight-loss or weight-maintenance program and ideal for everyday healthy eating. The meals and snacks are developed within controlled nutritional criteria that minimises fat and salt content so you can still enjoy a healthy, filling meal as part of your weight loss program.

Also, if you are feeling festive and looking for Christmas presents, don't forget the 3-for-2 offer currently on at Boots across a wide range of gifts and toys! Start shopping here!

Find your nearest Boots here.

First Cape Sparkling Rose

First Cape Sparkling Rose is great for those mid-week relaxing evenings, with it's fruity tones it makes the winter evenings indoors enjoyable. Check out this scrumptious sparkling Rose at With 33% off at Tesco's now it is a great idea to stock up for Christmas.

Tasty Little Numbers! (Part 2)

I am becoming a big fan of the Tasty Little Numbers products; after trying the white chocolate bar (a great snack which includes chocolate and is only 100 calories) I thought I will give the milk chocolate bar a go. This crispy crunchy wafer dipped in milk chocolate is once again a highly recommended snack for those who love chocolate and are after a healthy lifestyle and watch their weight (and of course only 100 calories)!

Get it now on for £11 for a pack of 20. Also, make sure you check out the Tasty Little Numbers page for more amazing products.

The Hummingbird Bakery, London (Now Gluten Free).

In London say Thank you or Miss you with a cupcake . Everyone knows that cupcakes are the way forward but who knew flowers would be on their way out to send a message. These wonderful Hummingbird cupcakes can be popped into petite individual boxes that resemble Chinese take out ones. Are great to give as an affectionate token that can be enjoyed far more than a card or flowers. Every bite of this red velvet cupcake made me taste the message the sender wanted to send. All I can say is apology accepted.

Check out Hummingbird Bakery site for some more gift ideas and baking tips galore. Yum, Yum, Yum.

What is your favourite Flavour?

Their New made without range means that these splendid miniatures can be enjoyed even by those who are Gluten intolerant.
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