Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pizza Express Tasting Event (Islington)

On Monday 16th January, 7pm at PizzaExpress Islington 335 Upper Street, London N1 0PB

Thanks so much to Pizza Express for wanting us to take part in their Leggera Tasting evening. Last night we were showcased the new Leggera range to you –the wonderfully hand crafted pizzas contain only 500 calories, now they are truly guilt free!

Address: PizzaExpress - Islington 335 Upper Street, London N1 0PB

Date: Monday 16th January 2012

Arrive: 7pm for food to be served at 7:25pm

Pomodoro Pesto (Mimi's favorite)

Padano Leggera (Leni's favorite)

Pollo d'Astra


American Hot


It is really important that you arrive by 7:25pm because the first round of Leggera pizzas will be served to the group at that time.

On the night, we received:

-Some nibbles on arrival

-The opportunity to taste all six Leggera pizzas

-2 drinks each from the menu (sml glass of wine or Peroni 330 or soft drink)

-And to finish off, a Dolcetti for dessert

 As a taster at Pizza Express Leni and Mimi must say it was thoroughly enjoyable, and to be able to try new flavours on a favourite menu of ours was even more special. We enjoyed our six pizzas in this lovely location and had a really lovely evening. Highly recommended to visit this Pizza express and check out the new food they have to offer. As always a buzzing and fun filled evening, especially on a Monday night. Thank you Pizza Express.

Padano Leggera (Leni's favorite) and Pomodoro Pesto (Mimi's favorite)  are the two flavours we preferred... let us know which ones you rate the highest.

Learn from Leni and Mimi's mistake: Just because you are given six pizzas does not mean you are forced to eat every, single bite.

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    1. It really was Reem, there was definitely enough for a third person too. Next time you must come help us consume all these pizzas!