Friday, January 27, 2012

Prosecco tasting and Pizza Making with Assaggetti

Leni and Mimi were invited to Assagetti on 26th January for Prosecco tasting and pizza making. This wonderful Italian inspired restaurant is perfect for those in Central London because of it's location. The Haymarket situated eatery has decor to help you escape into a parallel universe. The graphics, lighting and overall atmosphere gave off a great first impression. Above is the start of my Pizza creation keep reading to see how the night panned out.

The Prosecco tasting was splendid. The talk on how to taste the tones really will benefit us on future dates with new and old friends as we now know how to choose our Prosecco. The 4 glasses were laid out in front of us in order to try 4 distinct flavours.

Leni's favourite was the apple toned Prosecco. The Italian expert was thorough with his teaching and made a great impression on all of audience. It definitely helped build an appetite also.

This Pizza making experience and Prosecco tasting was already off to a great start as we met a lot of wonderful fellow bloggers. Check out all of the Assagetti diners in their whites. The Chef outfits were a lovely touch - loved the hats. In the photos Leni and Mimi with the owner of Assagetti and fellow bloggers.

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Lovely people, lovely evening.

Our wonderful tasting and baking evening at Assagetti was complete with a gorgeous Italian inspired tapas meal. A real Italian delight with a Spanish twist due to the tapas style portions. We loved. From cured meats, focaccia and pasta bites the evening ended delightfully with a full stomach and new friends.

To this end remember to request a gorgeous non- alcoholic beverage (which completes the meal fabulously) which was invented by the beautiful Reem Kanj from Fivefivefabulous. Thumbs up Reem. Check out Reem's review on Assagetti also featured on Leni and Mimi. See how much she loved the location and food also.

The tasting was led by an expert in the Prosecco industry, and the pizza making by Giulio, the Head Chef at Assaggetti.

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Written by Eleni Charalambous Co-founder, Editor and Social Media consultant at LeniandMimi.


  1. Nice to meet you guys! Thanks for the name drop :)

    1. Lovely to meet you too! Hope to see you again soon.

      Your blog was definitely worth a name drop.