Monday, January 23, 2012

Whittard's Dreamtime Instant Tea - A better night sleep

In the winter months nothing screams cozy like a warm drink before bed. This Christmas I was introduced to Whittard's and straight away an obsession was formed. This dream time granulated powder provides me with what I need before I sleep. It provides me with calm, heat and a clear mind.

With two heaped spoons and boiled water you receive a chamomile like drink that soothes you into a deep sleep. Leni used to have major issues with sleep and this drink does something to me that I can't explain, it sends me into a deep state of sleep every time. If you are having trouble sleeping I really recommend this beverage. It provides me with dreams each time too, please let me know if this has happened to you too so I can see if it is the power of tea or my state of mind.

If you haven't tried be sure to visit your nearest Whittard's and purchase Dreamtime at £5.50 here now and let me know how effective it is on you.
"This instant tea drink is perfect before bed. The honey, apricot and vanilla comfort and soothe."

Written by Eleni Charalambous Co-founder, Editor and Social Media consultant at LeniandMimi.

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  1. Hey!
    I drank this tea many, many years ago (around 6 -7) and did love it! By accident I found it in a shop here in Germany where you can buy food from shops which became insolvent or which had some insurance problems. No idea how it found its way to this lonely shop in my former hometown. I bought it because of its nice packaging (when I bought it, it was blue and yellow!) and its promised aromas/flavours.
    Nevertheless I agree with your impression, experience whatsoever. Everytime I had a hard time to find some sleep I drank a cup of this tea and it soothed me very well and then I had no problems in finding a good slepp. Before exams I drank it as well because it helped me calming down and then concentrate for the tasks given. Still then I never, ever found it anywhere in Germany :-( Several days ago I remembered that tea I loved so much and went onto a search for a possibility to buy it without a credit card ... and found your page :-) Well, you must be very lucky to have that possibility to buy it everytime you want! You are not the only one who experienced things like that :-)

    Lovely greetings from the still cold Germany,