Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wasabi, London

For those that love Sushi Wasabi is definitely a convenient lunch location. It enables you to have a pick and mix version of raw fish delicacies along with Japanese hot meals. From vegetarian to fish based sushi pieces you can have whatever tickles your fancy. For a very good price you will find yourself with a great variety of food.

Wasabi cater for everyones needs from takeaways, deliveries and eat in options. The set menu option they also provide enables you to pick up a quick and easy selection of sushi and maki.

Check out all the wasabi locations here for your closest one. I particularly like the one located at Waterloo Station in London as it provides me with a lovely atmosphere and good food whilst waiting for the train.

"In 2003 Wasabi became the first company in the UK to sell individually wrapped pieces of sushi, offering customers a beautifully wide choice and the chance to truly experiment with the fresh delights of Japanese cuisine."
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Written by Eleni Charalambous Co-founder, Editor and Social Media consultant at LeniandMimi.

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