Friday, February 17, 2012

Wrap it Up, Goodge Street London

A great shack for a warm meal at lunchtime. This burrito joint looks like a stall at a market fair but to my delight it provides quick and easy warm meals. The favourites are burritos and it is evident how popular they are when you see the queue forming down Goodge Street at 1pm everyday.

Quick, efficient service with great food. The best location on Goodge Street for a hot lunch. Every nine burritos you get one free also so do not forget to keep returning for your reward.

The Medium one usually satisfies all people; when I tried the large I found it to much. Thanks wrap it up for a great alternative to a hot sandwich everyday.

They also offer vegetarian options, a selection of chicken dishes and salads. These gourmet wraps are definitely winning people over with their tastes. Keep an eye out for their online delivery service also.

With six locations and one more opening in Holborn shortly click here to see your nearest wrap location.
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