Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Liquorice Novelties

After suffering from Low blood pressure since I was a child it has always been important for me to find quick fixes to raise it at moments of weakness. Shots of coffee was recommended to me but I felt too wired with this diagnosis. The Liquorice was suggested and in deed it does the trick when I need it. Thanks to my Mum and these goodies I always have my handbag stocked with these 'natural' remedies.

Low pressure can mean that blood is not delivering oxygen and nutrients to the tissues as it should be, and this could possibly result in a range of health issues including severe physical and mental fatigue.

With research I found that low blood pressure (also called hypo-tension) can be a sign of an underlying problem. In specific a weakness in organs known as the adrenal glands. Symptoms can include the need to eat regularly (skipping meals leads to feeling anxious, light-headed, irritable or shaky) and a craving for salty foods such as crisps.

Specific herbal agents can help strengthen the adrenal function, one of the most powerful is liquorice. Liquorice helps with the support of adrenal function, and in addition can help to increase blood pressure in time. So this is the perfect fix for those who need to rise their blood pressure.

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