Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Whittard's Dreamtime Hot Chocolate for chocolatey sweet dreams.

In the unstable English spring months nothing screams cozy like a warm drink before bed. This Springtime I was introduced to Whittard's chocolatey blends. This chocolate dream time granulated powder provides me with what I need before I sleep. It provides me with calm, heat and chocolate.

With 3 heaped teaspoons (20g) in a mug, maybe an extra one if you are feeling decadent. Gently heat approximately 200ml of milk and pour onto the chocolate stirring thoroughly. For excess indulgence, top with whipped cream, marshmallows and not to forget a sprinkle of hot chocolate powder. Just like 'dreamtime' it sends Leni into a deep sweet state of sleep every time. If you are having trouble sleeping I really recommend trying this hot beverage.

If you haven't tried be sure to visit your nearest Whittard's and purchase Dreamtime at £5.50 here now and let me know how effective it is on you. Click here to find your nearest cup of sweet dreams.

"Dreamtime hot chocolate is a combination of our luxury hot chocolate but with added malt extract, camomile and honey flavours. A delicious evening blend for the sweetest dreams."

Written by Eleni Charalambous Co-founder, Editor and Social Media consultant at LeniandMimi.

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  1. Hot chocolate is my favorite dessert. It's just that I had problems with eating too much chocolates when I was a kid because I refused to brush my teeth after eating too much sweets. My mom brought me to the Fishers dentists to remove my teeth that has cavities and it was so painful. Now, I've learned my lesson, I always brush my teeth after eating or drinking chocolate.